Cheeta Hosting?

We are a hosting provider, but there are plenty of those.
What makes Cheeta Hosting unique?


That’s not a hollow sales pitch. The hardware and software we use is top-of-the-line and offers you every opportunity for a fantastic performance right out of the box.
We did not choose our name lightly!


Aside from the various standard subscriptions, we also offer the possibility of reservering hardware resources if for example you are expecting high visitor peaks because of an upcoming marketing campaign. Extremely flexible.
And the best part is: You only pay for them once the resources are actually used!


We think a small environmental footprint is essential!
Our data center is 100% driven by door sustainably generated hydro-energy.


With many providers, you are forced to rely on extra plugins and other precautions to keep your website highly secure. This often comes at a price, and always comes at the cost of performance.
Our systems have been set up to be extremly safe, with firewalls at three levels, all below the website level itself. This means a superior safety level and virtually no impact on performance!


Cheeta Hosting is also very reasonably priced! Would you like to experience top performance at a medium price?

Check the possiblities