What does Cheeta Hosting stand for?


What quality means for us: a very high level of performance and matching service.

At Cheeta Hosting, the hosting packages have been professionally set up to host for example a WordPress website. With many hosting parties you will subsequently need a variety of often paid and performance-slowing plug-ins to properly secure the website, such as backup, firewall, etc.

With Cheeta Hosting, these features are arranged at the network and web server level, which works much far more efficiently. This allows you to keep the website itself much more slim. In addition, you can (for WordPress) use the free caching plugin LiteSpeed Cache. This works very efficiently on our LiteSpeed web server and is very easy to set up. We also offer you the excellent CDN service from LiteSpeed, QuicCloud, for free. This all leads to a fantastically high performance level.

Cheeta Hosting offers you top notch hosting at mid-evel prices. How do we manage that? By equipping our servers with the best hardware and software.

Environmental awareness

All our servers run on sustainably generated, 100% green hydro-energy.

We feel it’s paramount that our society learns to operate as environmentally friendly and neutral as possible. That is why we selected a data center that is fully suported by hydro power. En that is why each year we donate part of our profit to the Cheetah Conservation Fund: cheetah.org.


Cheeta Hosting does not operate in the traditional hosting provider fashion. Usually, you are provided with for example 1 CPU core, 2GB RAM, 10GB disk space and 100GB traffic. We have a bit of a different approach: we take computation power as a basis. And because our equipment is set up so super efficient, your website needs relatively little computation power (less than the average hosting provider). The biggest factor in slowing down performance of your WordPress website is often database traffic. Using our method of operation, the database is barely doing anything at all, and is only used for what it was meant for: storing data.

Your hosting subscription is also endlessly and automatically scalable with our on-the-fly extensions and upgrades. Are you expecting traffic surges to your website in the near future, for example because of a marketing campaign? Reserve extra Computation Units to be able to handle this. You pay a very small fee for the reservation, and only pay for usage when that actually occurs. This is a lot more cost-efficient, than an expensive all-out subscription that will only sparsely be using its capacity.


Privacy and safety for our customers is of the utmost importance. Our machinery runs in an excellently secured environment in Switzerland. No servers in the USA or other countries where the government (or other unwanted guests) can enforce access relatively easy.